Smahrt Girl University


smahrt-univ-resizedThe Smahrt Girl University is a preparation program for young ladies who are Juniors or Seniors in college.The program’s objective is to provide insightful and practical information about what is expected of them as a newly employed associate through dynamic seminars, interactive workshops and on-site visits.The program is designed to compliment the current career services offered through their respective colleges and universities and serves to prepare them for the expectations of corporate America.

univ-girl-04Program Overview

The Smahrt Girl University targets young ladies in college who want to supplement their academic and career development education with practical knowledge that will be useful to their successful transition into the workplace.

Corporate sponsors and leaders will take part in our Multi-cultural Millennial Roundtable discussion and will speak to participants on subject matter as outlined in our curriculum.

Participation in the program will be inclusive of women of all cultures but limited to Juniors and Seniors as they are positioned to graduate and start their careers.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will enjoy a closing ceremony which includes a networking mixer, dinner, keynote speaker, a Smahrt Girl University bag with keepsakes and a certificate of completion. Each participant will be assigned a mentor and receive a free session with an Executive Coach.

Proposed Curriculum

univ-girl-03The program has four modules:

Career Lab: This module will address modern career planning and search techniques and tools, dressing for success and salary negotiations.

Millennials In The Workplace:

Making The Transition: This module focuses on the soft skills that address how to handle specific issues and barriers commonly encountered by women in the workplace such as communicating effectively, managing conflict, gender challenges, dating in the workplace, etc.

Work-life Balance: This module will cover areas such as managing finances, requesting time off, and FMLA.

Career Launch: At the conclusion of the program, participants will enjoy a meet and greet with corporate sponsors and leaders, a closing ceremony which includes a dinner, keynote speaker, a Smahrt Girl University bag with keepsakes and a certificate of completion.

Each participant will have the opportunity to select a mentor and will also be given a free session with a Career Coach.

University Partnerships

univ-girl-02The Smahrt Girl University will partner with the Career Planning and Placement departments of selected colleges and universities to bring The Smahrt University brand to life on college campus throughout the country.

Initial outreach will focus on The University of Houston and Texas Southern University for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The University’s role in the partnership will be to assist SGU in recruiting students for the program as well as to provide access to meeting rooms and other facilities for program implementation.

SGU will not be presented as a replacement for any programs or initiatives currently implemented by the Career Planning and Placement Office, but is designed to compliment and supplement the knowledge that the students are currently receiving from the University.

Corporate Partnerships

univ-girl-01The Smahrt Girl University program will be implemented through the support of corporate partners.

Partners will have the opportunity to underwrite the opening ceremony, server as presenters for workshops and closing ceremony as well as provide support for program materials such as books, t-shirts/blazers, etc.

The strategy is to reach out to the talent acquisition and/or diversity organizations and garner support from a talent pipeline development perspective. Companies can buy into the notion of creating potential intern/employee loyalty in the eyes of the participant.

They can also position themselves as an Employer of Choice not only with the program participants, but to the student body as a whole.

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