FFG: Jenna Laine

Meet Jenna Laine. 

A USF graduate just three years ago, Jenna already has many feathers in her professional cap.  She covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for SportsFanLive.com.  She just recovered from covering her first Super Bowl (where she conducted 40-plus interviews!).  And while she’s already interviewed names such as Barry Sanders, she really made a splash onto the national scene with her recent, exclusive story about an offensive tackle from Abilene Christian named Tony Washington.  Washington is not your average draftee – he is a registered sex offender.  Jenna covered a difficult situation with thoroughness and objectivity.  It is a must-read that received across the board kudos.

Read Jenna’s Tony Washington story here.

In this podcast, Jenna gives us an in-depth look at her reporting process for the Washington story; tells of the ageless wonder she so admires, and even talks a little hybrid-Tampa Two!

Listen to Jenna here:

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Jenna, at her college graduation, showing off her dream job!