About Smahrt Girls

We are an organization dedicated to developing 12 to 19 year old girls helping them realize their dreams.

With five locations, The Smahrt Girl Foundation is focused on impacting and developing 12 to 19 year old girls and helping them realize their dreams. Our mission is to provide mentoring, educational enrichment, positive experiences and empowerment to teenage girls in rural and urban communities to prepare them for the life of their dreams. In addition to our popular mentoring program, Smahrt Girl provides academic scholarships, college preparation, health and fitness, financial literacy, etiquette and goal-setting workshops.

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Our Goals

The goal of our organization is to ensure that we always have the funds readily available to help girls 12 to 19 from rural and urban areas to have access to more opportunities which impacts the pursuit of their dreams.


  • I volunteer because I grew up in a small town- Rochester, NY and I believe it's imperative to give back. My parents who have been married for more than 50 years have always demonstrated the importance of community service and helping others. I also remember when I was in college and I reached out to a TV anchor in Atlanta. She helped me get ready for my first TV interview by quizzing me with questions and actually gave me some of her clothes so that I could make a great first impression. I got the job. Because of my parents and my mentor’s generosity, it is my obligation and a JOY to help the next generation of Smahrt Girls.

    Darian Ward
  • I volunteered to help the young girl that I used to be. I struggled with a lack of male figure, low self-esteem and no vision. Its my duty to let these girls know they can win.

    Cortni Hill
  • I decided to volunteer with Smart Girl because I believe in the foundation's mission.  But it wasn't until what I call a special moment during our Prom Dress Giveaway that I knew we were doing something extra special.  In that moment I overheard one the young girls ask two of the ladies volunteering "Where did you go to college and why did you choose your career?"  That teen girl was there to get a free prom dress, but left with so much more.  She had an opportunity to rub elbows with successful women and she took full advantage of it.

    Veronica Griffin

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